OTTPA Pulling Registration

Please find below the 2018 registration form which will allow you to be able to purchase your OTTPA Membership and Tractor Registration before the first pull. Please complete the form and mail a cheque with the completed Membership Registration form to the OTTPA Garden Tractor Pulling Division for processing. This will help ensure that the first pull won't take nearly as long with both pull and Member Registration.

This year, the OTTPA Garden Tractors plan on offering Pre-Registration for each individual pull. Using this registration will allow OTTPA Members to register their tractors in the pull before arriving, to ensure they have a spot to pull. When you arrive at the pull, Pre-Registered pullers will only have to sign in to their reserved spot, without the hassle of registering at the pull.

The form for Pre-Registration will be available below when the pulling schedule and first pull of the season are finalized.